US Heritage Award

US Heritage Award — Silver (Youth 6 – 10)

The United States Heritage Award was designed to give youth recognition for learning about the heritage of the United States of America, and showing patriotism. By earning this award, youth can cultivate an appreciation for the wonderful heritage of the United States of America.

A silver medal and a patch can be awarded to all that successfully complete the award requirements. All requirements can be done with a class, unit, group, family, or individually.

To earn the silver United States Heritage Award a youth must:

1. Tell when the Declaration of Independence was adopted.
2. Learn the first verse of the national anthem “The Star Spangled Banner”.
3. Know the Pledge of Allegiance. Explain what it means.
4. Learn about the United States Flag.
– a. What colors does the United States flag have?
– b. How many stars are on the blue rectangle (canton)?
–What do the stars symbolize?
– c. How many stripes are on the flag?
— What colors are the stripes?
— What do the stripes symbolize?
– d. How do you show respect for the United States flag?
5. Make a list of the original thirteen states of the United States of America.
6. Know who is the current President of the United States of America.
7. My America. Write a short story or poem about one of the following topics :
— Why America Is Special To Me, What It Means To Be Free, If I Were President…
8. Render a service that benefits a neighborhood or community.

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