Lion Cubs

The Lion Cub program is a terrific introduction to the Cub Scout Program!

The Lion Cub Scouts is a pilot program created to introduce a new Cub Scout program for boys age 5 or in Kindergarten and their adult partners. The program is focused on parent planning and delivery with support from the Cub Scout pack using literature specifically designed for the younger age group (Lion Cub Scout Adult Guide and Lion Cub Scout Adventure Guide). The Adult Guide contains a detailed plan for each month’s curriculum and breaks down each section into Family/Den Activities, At-Home Activities and Grand Adventures.

Who Are Lion Cubs?

  • Lion Cubs are children in Kindergarten  who join with a parent or caring adult partner.
  • Lion Cub dens are part of a Cub Scout Pack.
  • Lion Cubs wear a Lion Cub T-shirt or approved Class-A Uniform to their activities.

§  Lion Cubs move to the next Cub Scout level (Tiger Cubs) at the end of kindergarten.

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    when does the cub scouts start up for 2013-2014 school year?

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